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Dreamed up by Bobby Melville while he was rowing across the Atlantic (as one does), IGO seeks to provide that sense of endeavour, achievment and companionship of an adventure in one life affirming week.  

Over four days the competitors challenge themselves both physically and mentally through 4 events.  Out in Norway these consisted of ski-touring, fat-biking, nordic skiing and a marathon.  It was an incredible time spent out in the middle of Norway’s wilderness.  The competitors fought through incredibly cold temperatures, force 9 gales, and plenty of miles.  Throughout it all as a photographer working as part of the Media team (with the hugely talented Johnny Fenn (photographer) and James Hustler (videographer)) I was humbled by their grit, determination and utter cheerfullness (most of the time!).

Ending each day in a traditional Norwegian Lavvu tent, and huddled round its warming fire as the wind whistled by outside, the little space radiated cameraderie.  


To the competitors, you are truly inspiring.

To everyone else I would truly encourage you to give it a go! Whether you are a competer or a completer there is something here for everyone. It is the journey that matters, not the time on the clock.


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