For the majority of 2012 I was deployed on Operations with the Grenadier Guards Battle Group in Afghanistan as a platoon commander in The Queen’s Company. It was a testing tour for the Battalion that was not without loss; Gdsm Roland, Gdsm Whittle, Gdsm Shadrake and Cpls Groom and Ashworth (VC) all paid the ultimate sacrifice with many others suffering life changing injuries.

carried my patrol camera everywhere with me on my body armour in an attempt to document the tour, both its highs and its lows. Two years on and on the eve of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, in which they earned their iconic bearskins and the name ‘Grenadier’, it is hoped that some of the photos displayed will give a glimpse into the landscape and varying environment in which the Grenadiers were operating on their last tour. The method of warfare and equipment which they employ might be changed by the 200 years, but the Regimental ethos, courage and selfless commitment to their duty remains the same.

This exhibition is now closed.  If you would like to purchase any of the images displayed it is still possible to do so.  All proceeds go to The Colonel’s Fund, Grenadier Guards.

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